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Rocky Mountain Physician Group Hired to Meet the Needs of the Southeast Idaho Community

Pocatello, ID – April 2018

Portneuf Medical Center (PMC) hires independent physicians Rocky Mountain Physician Group (Rocky Mountain) to take over emergency room (ER) patient care at the PMC hospital.

Announcing that Rocky Mountain is assuming the PMC emergency room (ER) patient care contract as of Midnight 04/14/2018. The former contract with the national company ending as of 04/13/2018.

PMC awarded the emergency physician staffing contract to Rocky Mountain, the physician group who replaced the prior national staffing company. Rocky Mountain is not affiliated with the prior company, not as owners or administrators.

Both PMC and Rocky Mountain believe that through local ownership and leadership the new physician group is better able to align with the hospital and serve the community.

Rocky Mountain is steadfast in serving the Pocatello and South East Idaho community at large with local management for a local service delivered by local physicians, while ensuring sustainable practices and providing the highest levels of ER services. Consequently, Rocky Mountain is seeking to negotiate in-network agreements with the insurance plans that serve the community. Rocky Mountain has already reached fair and equitable relationships with some plans and is actively negotiating similar relationships with others.

“At Rocky Mountain, our top priority is serving patients and providing access to the highest quality emergency care in southeastern Idaho—by physicians invested in and aligned with the community,” said Dan Dallon, MD, President at RMPG. “When a medical emergency happens, patients shouldn’t have to worry if their insurance coverage is out-of-network. That’s why RMPG will assist patients with a range of options to help them settle any patient balance for physician services rendered in the ED, whether in or out-of-network.”

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